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Let us help unlock the hidden potential in your home

Your house needs to suit your lifestyle, which can often change, whether it is an addition to the family requiring an additional bedroom, or maybe one of you now works from home and is in need of a study, or transforming the small kitchen to create the social kitchen/dining room that you see in all the magazines today. There are countless reasons to make change your house and we can help guide you through the process, being a constant support from start to finish.

Extension Costs

Extensions come in all shapes, sizes and specifications, so until scheme plans are drawn up, builders will be unable to give reasonably accurate estimates. Once the scheme is on paper, it is easy to tailor the design to suit the budget for the project, altering the size and/or specification. It is also worth noting that a builder is much more willing to discuss a project with a potential client if they have gone to the effort of acquiring plans, as this shows the builder that the client is seriously considering the proposition. When you consider the costs involved in having an extension against the cost and inconvenience of moving from your home to a larger property, it may seem a more cost effective and lifestyle effective solution to stay and extend.

Planning Permission & Building Regulations approval

Most house extensions, though not all involve getting Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval from your local council. We shall discuss this with you and make the necessary enquiries before providing you with a quotation. It is worth noting though that councils may have different views on planning applications depending on where you live. We deal with Local Planning Authorities in London on a day to day basis and maintain a good working relationship, understanding the planning policies that your project plans, when submitted, will be judged against.

Building Regulations approval is required for most extensions. Building Regulations in the UK are a set of minimum requirements designed to secure the health, safety and welfare of people in and around buildings and to conserve fuel and energy. We will submit the necessary detailed plans and sufficient specification to achieve Building Regulations approval. We may also need to liaise with a Structural Engineer and/or Heat Loss Assessor but this will depend on the extent of the proposals. Once this phase is complete, builders should be able to give you quotations for the proposed building work.

Initial Consultation

It is important to understand what you are trying to achieve and how you will use the new space. The best way for us to assess your project is to see your home in person. We would be happy to come and meet with you to hear your ideas. We will discuss any design matters you are unsure of and suggest alternative ideas and layouts where guidance is needed. We will also advise you on any limitations that we foresee you are likely to encounter during the planning and building regulations stages. Alterations can also be a key part to your project, it is possible that the existing space can be used too much greater effect by revising the layout. With some clever internal alterations, the requirements of the extension can sometimes be lessened and reduced in size.

There is no charge for this initial consultation. Following the consultation we will have sufficient information to send you a competitive detailed fee quotation for our services.